Change of the regulation for the use of Accreditation marks (VR003)


The RvA has changed the regulation for the use of Accreditation marks (RvA-VR003).

The ILAC-R7 rules prescribes the use of the ILAC MRA mark. The RvA has an agreement with ILAC and sub-license agreements with several accredited bodies, allowing them the use of ILAC MRA mark.

In 2015, the ILAC-R7 has been changed and does not mention the sub-license agreements anymore. Consequently, RvA-VR003 has also been changed.

The sub-license agreements between the RvA and accredited bodies have been terminated, since the RvA has a new agreement with ILAC, that does not mention the need of a sub-license agreement. Bodies need to comply with the new RvA-VR003. These rules refer to the ILAC-R7 rules for the terms of the use of the ILAC MRA mark. These rules suit with the rules of the terminated sub-license agreements.

The new ILAC-R7 also stipulates that inspection bodies may use the ILAC MRA mark.

Compared to the version 2, dated 28 February 2014, the following substantive changes having been made in this version of the document:

  1. The consequences of resolution IAF 2015-14, prohibiting certification bodies to issue non-accredited management system certificates, have been inserted in article 11,

  2. The rules regarding the conversion of non-accredited certificates to accredited certificates have been more explicitly stated,

  3. In the rules regarding referring to the EA MLA, IAF MLA or ILAC MRA, a referral to the MLA/MRA scope have been included,

  4. Due to the change of ILAC-R7, the rules for the use of the ILAC MRA mark and IAF MLA mark have been modified,

  5. The fact that the use of the accreditation mark in e-mails and other digital communication is bound by the rules of this regulation has been added.

Download the latest version of VR003 here.