Change of policy rules BR006 and BR010.


The RvA has recently changed two policy rules; BR006 and BR010. Below, a summary of the most important changes.

Policy Rule BR006

Policy Rule BR006 describes the RvA policy regarding handling of objections.

Compared to version 1, dated August 17, 2010, the following changes have been made:

  • The scope of this policy rule has been updated;

  • The term ‘arbitrator’ has been replaced with the term ‘chairman’;

  • A second paragraph is added to Article 8;

  • In Article 11, two paragraphs were deleted;

  • Removal of article 17 in previous version while this is already included in the Dutch General Administrative Law

Download the latest version of BR006 here.

Policy Rule BR010

Policy Rule BR010 describes the RvA policy for the field of Activities.

Compared with version 3, dated May 23, 2014, the following changes have been made:

  • Annex 2 is added and shows all directives and regulations regarding product safety for which bodies have to be notified as a notified body. These directives and regulations use the module structure as stipulated in Decision 768/2008 and the Blue Guide;

  • Regulation/directives 2007/859 and 352/2009 have been removed;

  • Regulation 910/2014 is added;

  • The geographical scope of accreditation for the ISO/IEC 17024 has been limited to accredit only legal activities in the Netherlands. Several competence areas have been removed and one is added.

  • Biometric tests is added for the medical laboratories.

Download the latest version of BR010 here.