Change of policy rules BR002, BR003 and BR005


The RvA has recently changed three policy rules; BR002, BR003 and BR005. Below, a summary of the most important changes.

Policy Rule BR002

Policy Rule BR002 describes the RvA policy regarding the accreditation of bodies which carry out conformity assessment activities.

Compared to the version 4, dated 24 april 2015, no significant changes were implemented. The provisions that already are included in the Dutch General Administrative Law, were deleted from this document.

Download the latest version of BR002 here.

Policy Rule BR003

Policy Rule BR003 describes the RvA policy on the definition of scopes for the different types of accreditation.

Compared to version 4, dated 24 April 2015, no significant changes were implemented. References to standards have been updated.

Download the latest version of BR003 here.

Policy Rule BR005

Policy Rule BR005 describes the RvA policy regarding the frequency, content and extent of Surveillance Assessments and Reassessments of accredited bodies.

Compared to version 3, dated 12 March 2015, no significant changes have been implemented.
Documents in the annex have now been numbered.

Download the latest version of BR005 here.


Given the nature of the changes in the policy rules, a transition period for the implementation is not required. The changes are effective immediately for the assessments carried out after the formal publication of the amended policy rules.