RvA promotes one-stop accreditation


In 2013 RvA published its revised policy on Cross Frontier Accreditation (CFA).  As RvA still receives many applications for accreditation from Conformity Assessment Bodies from abroad, we would again like to draw your attention to the purpose of our CFA policy rules as described in document BR007, in order to prevent disappointment.

The purpose of these policy rules is to support one-stop accreditation and one-stop conformity assessment principles. It is also designed to maintain a level playing field for CABs accredited by the RvA and those accredited by other EA-MLA, IAF-MLA and ILAC-MRA partners. The policy rules also aim to ensure a consistent and non-discriminatory approach in dealing with the accreditations or applications of bodies in different countries (Article 2).

It is the primary task of RvA to service CABs in the Netherlands. Any decision to provide accreditation or assessment services in other countries will be made taking this task into account (Article 6).

The changes in RvA cross frontier policy in 2013 were substantial, which is why a transition period was established ending 1 July 2017. In 2015, halfway through the transition period, the effectiveness and the effects of the revision were evaluated. Based on this evaluation, RvA is happy to conclude that the new policy is effectively implemented and that the effects are in accordance with the purpose of the policy change.

If you have any questions about our policy on Cross Frontier Accreditation, please do not hesitate to contact our office at +31 30 2394500 or CFA@rva.nl.