Changes in RvA Policy Rules BR002 and BR003


Policy Rule BR002 describes the RvA policy concerning the accreditation of bodies which carry out conformity assessment activities. Policy Rule BR003 describes the RvA policy on the definition of scopes for the different types of accreditation.

Both policy rules have been revised. The following significant changes were made:


  • In chapter 3, Article 12 has been added which states that RvA cannot grant accreditation if this may jeopardize the impartiality of RvA.
  • The previous Article 15 concerning the statement of admissibility has been removed and replaced by Article 22. Article 22 describes the way in which the RvA can grant an accreditation in case witnessing has not yet been possible due to the fact that the CAB needs an appointment by the authorities before it can become active.
  • In Article 16 remote assessments have been added as an assessment method.
  • In Article 16 the period to send the documents to RvA has been changed from 15 to 20 working days.
  • In Article 48 the first paragraph on confidentiality has been extended.

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Compared to version 3 Article 38 has been added stating the possibility to grant a temporary accreditation with restricting conditions in case the body has not yet been able to carry out the activities.

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Given the nature of the changes in both policy rules, a transition period for the implementation is not required. The changes are effective immediately for the assessments carried out after the formal publication of the amended policy rules.