New version of the Accreditation Protocol for Food Safety Management Systems


The Specific Accreditation Protocol for the certification of food safety management systems (SAP-C001) describes the considerations of the RvA relating to the assessment of food safety management systems. This protocol is amended as of the 24th of April 2015.

The protocol is of importance to accredited certification bodies who offer services related to food safety management systems, and for the users of these services, who can find information in this protocol about the systematics of the supervision by the RvA.

The protocol is amended in response of changes in ISO/TS 22003:2013, the publication of IAF documents ID-8 and MD-16 and changes in the RvA’s policy rule BR005.

The new system of scope classification in clusters is broader than the earlier indicated categories. In principle, the current scope (in categories) will be transferred after the assessment to clusters and categories as indicated in appendix 3 of the new protocol. In case the certification body currently does not cover all categories of the cluster in its scope, the options exist:

  1. Activities for the whole (22003:2013) cluster. In that the case the certification body shall request an extension of scope;
  2. Continuation of activities in the current categories under the (new) cluster. In that case, the scope will be amended in such a way that the limitation will be indicated for the categories in that cluster for which the certification body is accredited

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