Application of EA-7/05 and IAF-MD5


Dear relation,

In October 2008 the EA adopted the guidance document EA-7/05 for combined management system audits. On 1 February 2009 the IAF published IAF-MD5 for the calculation of audit time for QMS and EMS audits.

The RvA now finds that there is uncertainty about the use of these two documents. EA-7/05 seems to be at odds with IAF-MD5. The latter permits a maximum reduction in audit time of 30%, including the reduction resulting from combined audits. The reduction system that EA-7/05 describes may, if used in addition to IAF-MD5, lead to a reduction of more than 30%. Having signed the IAF-MLA, the RvA is however obliged to apply the IAF requirements. The following policy is therefore applied:

For audits under ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001 certification there may be no departure from IAF-MD5. The use of EA-7/05 in this case serves as a means of calculating the reduction described in IAF-MD5 under subsection 8.1 “• Combined audit of an integrated system of two or more compatible management systems” and therefore serves to account for that part of the reduction. Following IAF-MD5 it is very unlikely that reduction in audit time for the ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 part will be more than 30%.

The above also applies to audits that evaluate against one of the standards ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 and another management system standard.

For certification against other normative documents the author of the certification scheme will have to determine how audit time is to be calculated and the consequences of combined audits. The RvA will use the internationally accepted views of audit time (such as IAF-MD5) as a reference framework in the assessment of these schemes. If a scheme prescribes audit times varying significantly from this, this will have to be justified and validated by the administrator of the scheme.