Frequently asked questions report on an accredited company or institution

What can I report to the RvA on an accredited institution or company?

An accreditation usually does not apply to the entire organization, but only to specific activities. We call this the ‘scope’. You can only submit a report on RvA-accredited activities of a RvA-accredited organization.

For the list of RvA accredited organizations and their scope go to the page all accredited bodies.

First, file your complaint with the accredited organization

First submit your complaint to the accredited organization
You have a complaint about an RvA accredited organization. Always first submit this complaint to the organization itself. The RvA will not consider your report until this procedure has been completed. This first gives the organization itself a chance to take corrective action where necessary. If you and the organization fail to reach a solution, only then can you submit the report to us. We always ask you to add documents and evidence when you submit a report. For example, your letter of complaint to the accused organization and their reply(s).

Submit your notification using the notification form

Please submit your report using the report form. Complete the form including supporting documentation and evidence. We can only process complete forms.

To the report form.

What is the process for handling a report about an accredited company or institution?

After submitting your report, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt within one hour. This message also contains the registration number of your report. Please always use this number if you have any questions about your report. Within ten working days you will receive a personal response regarding the further processing of your report. After that, we will keep you informed about the progress of your report.

The RvA will ask the accused body for a reaction: the so-called counterclaim. This process takes some time. Depending on the nature/seriousness of your report and the rebuttal, the RvA determines when and how we take your report as input for an assessment. Regular assessments take place once a year.

The RvA assesses whether an institution has adhered to the standard for which it is accredited. If it is determined that the standard has not been met, the RvA asks the institution to take measures to still meet the standard.

We will inform you whether any deviations from the accreditation standard have been identified as a result of your report.

Anonymous treatment of a report about an accredited organization

Anonymous treatment when reporting about accredited organization
If you choose to remain anonymous, the RvA will consider your submitted information at its discretion in assessing the accused organization. Please note, however, that despite our confidential treatment, the accredited body may be able to identify you from the details of the report.

Note: Without your contact information, we cannot inform you about the handling of your report. Please also keep in mind that submitting a report anonymously may limit our handling.

When will the RvA not handle your report about an accredited institution?

  • If your report does not concern accredited work of an RvA accredited institution;
  • If there is too little information to substantiate your report;
  • For reports about the clients of accredited institutions.