Frequently asked questions PRISMA Reporting Tool

Last update: 28 juli, 2022


I have received an invitation to activate my account from Is this invitation right?

Yes, this e-mail is correct and reliable.

How do I get an invitation for an account in the PRISMA Reporting Tool and a username and password?

As soon as the subproject is ready in the PRISMA Reporting Tool, you will automatically receive an invitation in the mail. Please note that the invitation is only valid for three days. You can set the login name and password yourself. Tip: put the url ( in your favourites.


I have not yet used the PRISMA Reporting Tool. I want to log in to familiarize myself with the program, but I can’t.

You will only be granted access to the PRISMA Reporting Tool upon your first assessment using the PRISMA Reporting Tool. Once the PCA prepares this project in the tool, you will receive a one-time activation link to create a username and password.


Will I receive a login name and password?

No, you will receive an e-mail with an activation link/invitation from to log in. After you have clicked on that link, you can set your own login name and password.


The link in the invitation link does not work. What now?

The invitation is only valid for three days and after that will no longer work. Your PCA can send you a new e-mail with an invitation link.


When I log in, I see a Dutch login page. However, I want to use an English login page. How do I get to the English login page?

There is no language switch available on the login page. First log in via the Dutch log in page and then set your language in the PRISMA Reporting Tool to English (click on the gear icon next to your account name). The next time you log in, the login page will be in English.


Everytime I log in, I have to enter a code that I receive by email. Why is this?

As of 31 July 2022, an additional layer of security has been added to logging into the PRISMA Reporting Tool. We call this 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). By using an extra code, we make account abuse by third parties more difficult.


Our RvA customer representative is temporarily absent. We are now unable to login to our account in the PRISMA Reporting Tool. What must we do?

In case of absence of your RvA client representative due to holidays or illness, you can provide a temporary replacement to your PCA.


Is it possible to have multiple users for one account? For example, if a customer has multiple registrations with the RvA.

At the moment, only the 1st contact person of the client can log into the PRISMA Reporting Tool as a client representative. The possibility to grant access to multiple users is high on the development list. However, if your RvA client representative is absent due to holidays or illness, you can pass on a temporary replacement to your PCA.


Browser, URL and hardware

After creating the login name and password, nothing happens at the login screen. What do I do now?

This is a common complaint when people use Internet Explorer. The PRISMA Reporting Tool is not usable within Internet Explorer. Only Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge support it.


Does the PRISMA Reporting Tool work in any browser?

No, only Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge support the PRISMA Reporting Tool. Internet Explorer does not work.


I don’t remember how to get to the login page of the reporting tool. Where can I find this?

The correct link is Tip: Add the link to your favourites.


Does the PRISMA Reporting Tool work on an IPAD?

Yes, the PRISMA Reporting Tool also works on an IPAD.

Working with the PRISMA Reporting Tool

After submitting our response to the NCs, how can I see what we have entered and whether the attachments have been added correctly?

The overview of non-conformities leads to the NCs. Click here on the workflow step: Answer NC. Here you can always see what has been entered and which attachments have been added.

I have problems uploading Corrective Action Reports (CARs) into Excel. How do I solve this?

The file probably has an extension of . xlsm or something like that. The PRISMA Reporting Tool will not recognize the file. If your RvA client representative saves the file as a Zip file and then uploads it, it will work.


Is it true that I no longer see the completed projects and the documents uploaded at the time?

As soon as your PCA closes a sub-project, the sub-project can be found via the sub-projects page. Then click on the button: Completed (subprojects). The documents are currently deleted after one year.


How does the PRISMA Reporting Tool handle the security of my documents?

All uploaded documents are stored encrypted in the cloud, on servers within the European Economic Area (EEA). In addition, they are deleted one year after the conclusion of the sub-project.


There is a malfunction in the PRISMA Reporting Tool, what should I do now?

Unfortunately, it does happen that the PRISMA Reporting Tool does not work as it should. You can contact your PCA in this case. If the malfunction is due to a known problem, the PCA can provide you with more information. If you are the first / only person with a problem, the PCA will take steps to solve your problem.


I use the PRISMA Reporting Tool according to the instructions of the RvA, but I have a proposal on how the tool better supports my work. Who can I submit my improvement proposal to?

Thank you for your contribution to the development of our applications! You can send improvement proposals to the RvA PRISMA management team via They will assess your improvement proposal. If your improvement proposal fits within the development vision for the PRISMA applications, it will either be planned as a change (if it concerns small adjustments) or be included in a new development project (if it concerns larger and/or more complex adjustments). Soon, we will publish a roadmap on this webpage that allows you to follow when we plan to implement which adjustments to which PRISMA applications.



How much time will it take me to learn how to work with the PRISMA Reporting Tool?

This varies from person to person. The RvA gives short training sessions via Microsoft Teams on request. You can request a training via