Assessment documents

The RvA has different types of assessment documents: specific accreditation protocols, explanatory documents and specific assessment protocols for Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) assessments. Below is a list of all relevant documents.

Specific accreditation protocols

These documents contain brief descriptions for specific areas of accreditation. They serve as a practical supplement to policy rule BR002. Where necessary, an SAP provides an explanation of the accreditation requirements. SAPs are mandatory documents.

Explanatory documents (T-documents) and information documents

An RvA-Explanation describes the policy and/or procedure of the RvA concerning a specific issue of accreditation. If the policy and/or procedure concerning any accreditation issue described in an RvA Explanation is set out in an EA, ILAC or IAF document, then the RvA will bring its policy and procedure in line with this EA, ILAC or IAF document. T-documents are mandatory.

Specific Evaluation Protocols (SBPs)

These documents have been prepared specifically for SZW evaluations: assessments that are undertaken within the framework of the designation policy of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. They provide a brief description and serve as a practical supplement to regulation R020. Where necessary an explanation of the assessment requirements is provided in an SBP. SBPs are mandatory documents.