Core values

The following core values are central to our work:


Team leaders and assessors undertake focussed training and hold regular harmonisation meetings. Consequently, they are able to continuously improve their work. Furthermore, we regularly check that team leaders still continue to meet the required level. Internal staff take part in annual performance appraisals during which development targets are agreed. In this way they work towards achieving continuous personal development.

Impartiality and independence

When awarding accreditations we aim to guarantee the interests of all of the parties involved as much as possible. In addition, when deploying assessment teams we pay due attention to the independence of the assessors.

Market focus

In our work we take into account the client’s wishes as much as possible. We of course always examine whether the testing and assessment will not suffer as a result. Via different forms of communication we make our role widely known and we respond appropriately to the information needs of the market, during which we take due regard for comments, wishes, ideas and proposals from all parties involved.

People focus

Our work is focussed on people. We assess products, services and systems; however, we do so with the specific aim that people are able to trust the safety and quality of those products, services and systems. The human factor is therefore an important value for us – in everything that we do.


The opinion of our assessors is binding. An ethical approach is therefore vital. We have well-defined procedures to which the RvA assessor must adhere. Consequently, the room for interpretation of standards and regulations is as small as possible.


A sound internal organisation is a condition for success, certainly when you assess other organisations on their use of quality systems. Within our organisation we attach great importance to transparency via:

  • good, professional communication;
  • a clear decision-making structure;
  • clearly defined tasks, authorities and responsibilities.