Marks of accredited organisations

There are many different marks in circulation, however, not every mark is issued by an accredited body. On this page the RvA will give an overview of marks that are managed under accreditation. This page is under development.

Marks of certified bodies


Certification bodies can permit the organisations they certify to use a mark. This mark may then be used on the physical product, on a document provided with that product or on their website. Inspection bodies can apply a mark on approved objects.

On this page, we will develop a list of the marks that are used under accreditation. These marks will be divided in four categories: product certification, management system certification, personnel certification and inspection.

If you want a mark to be added to this list, please let us know ( We would like to receive the mark and a link to the webpage that explains the mark's meaning.

Logos of external scheme owners

We also want to provide an overview of the logos of external scheme owners issued under RvA accreditation. External scheme owners do not conduct any conformity assessments themselves. These assessments are carried out by one or more conformity assessment bodies (CABs) who have entered into an agreement with the external scheme owner for the use of the respective scheme. The external scheme owner stipulates as a condition for the use of the scheme that the CAB must be accredited for the respective scheme. Please find below several examples (according to the specification of a respective scheme owner).

Logo Beschrijving
Logo Barometer Duurzaam Terreinbeheer Barometer Duurzaam Terreinbeheer
Logo Barometer Duurzame Bloemist Barometer Duurzame Bloemist
Logo Duurzame Groente en Fruit Barometer Duurzame Groenten/Fruit
Logo Groen Label Kas Groen Label Kas
Logo IKB-ei IKB-Ei
Logo IKB Kip IKB Kip
Logo IKB-Varken IKB-Varken
Logo SIKB Kwaliteitswaarborg Bodembeheer
Logo Maatlat Duurzame Aquacultuur Maatlat Duurzame Aquacultuur
Logo Milieukeur Milieukeur
Logo Riskplaza audit plus Riskplaza audit plus
Logo Certificatie Distributie in Gewasbeschermingsmiddelen Certificatie Distributie in Gewasbeschermingsmiddelen
Logo Stichting Persoonscertificatie Energietechniek (Stipel)

Stichting Persoonscertificatie Energietechniek (Stipel)

Logo Stichting Toezicht Certificatie Verticaal Transport Stichting Toezicht Certificatie Verticaal Transport
Logo Stichting VbV-SCM Voertuigbeveiliging VbV-SCM
Logo HKZ-keurmerk HKZ-keurmerk
Logo NEN 7510 NEN 7510
Logo ISO 55001 Assetmanagement ISO 55001 Assetmanagement
Logo NEN-EN 15224 NEN-EN 15224
Logo HKZ voor kleine organisaties HKZ voor kleine organisaties
Logo HKZ voor cliënt/patiëntveiligheid met ISO HKZ voor cliënt/patiëntveiligheid met ISO
Logo HKZ voor cliënt/patiëntveiligheid zonder ISO HKZ voor cliënt/patiëntveiligheid zonder ISO
Logo HKZ voor fysiotherapie HKZ voor fysiotherapie

Do you want to know whether a CAB is accredited for a specific scheme? You can verify this via ‘scope searching’ It is possible that an external scheme owner only made accreditation mandatory for some of the schemes it manages. In addition, it is not uncommon that a CAB, before it can be accredited for a specific scheme, has already been conducting assessments without accreditation.